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What is Food Value?

Food Value is an online marketplace software that enables local food chains to fully organize themselves. The software is capable of automating administration and payments, and facilitates communication between the members of the group in many ways.

The aim of Food Value is to serve as many local food groups as well and as quickly as possible with software developed as efficiently as possible. Why should every food group develop its own software? Together we are much stronger.

Farmers, enrichers, caterers, restaurants, shops and consumers can organize themselves into various types of groups around their offers and demands. Together the group forms a trust-based chain of professionals and customers that ensures a viable long term market for local food

Food Value, the online marketplace that really makes local food chains take off!

The marketplaces of Food Value

Every city or region has different circumstances, different players and activities, but marketplace software plays a major role everywhere. One of the biggest obstacles to be overcome is the administration and hassle that arises as soon as farmers start selling small crops to many different customers. The second issue is that the local market needs to have enough scale, when seen from a customer perspective. Food Value is designed to tackle these two challenges.


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Movie of the launch of the marketplace tool, on January 15 in Arnhem, the Netherlands
(English subtitles available)

Demo of the marketplace Food Value
(English subtitles available)

The more farmers, enrichers, caterers and consumers join..

The more the health of everyone on this planet will improve

A casket with apples has hardly any value in our economic system. But,a great apple pie made from local and ecologically grown apples is something to come back for. This is the art of adding value. Successful groups know how to do that together. And doing so they create more value and health for every party involved in the group’s food chain.